Episode 106

April 2, 2019: NVIDIA in the DataCenter, Nutanix Everywhere, Open Compute, & more on Huawei


April 2nd, 2019

44 mins 44 secs

Season 2019

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About this Episode

This week Matt & Steve talk through some of what they learned at recent industry events, including the moves that NVIDIA is making into the data center, some discussion of containers in the enterprise, a brief wrap-up from Nutanix's investor conference in New York, some light-thinking following Matt's first missed Open Compute Summit in a decade, and a bit of non-political discussion on Huawei.

If you follow Data Center technology, as well as the players behind the what's happening, you'll be in good company with Matt KImball and Steve McDowell from Moor Insights & Strategy and the DataCentric Podcast.


00:30 - 08:00 NVIDIA GTC Wrap-Up: NVIDIA heads into the Enterprise
08:00 - 11:00 Impact of Containers on Data Center management frameworks
11:00 - 21:20 Nutanix Investor Day Wrap-Up: NTNX takes aim
21:20 - 30:00 Open Compute Summit: Why it still matters.
30:00 - 42:30 Huawei: A Serious Player, despite all the geopolitical noise around the company
42:30 - 44:44 Senseless Banter