Episode 107

April 11, 2019: Intel Throws a Party + Storage News + More!


April 11th, 2019

50 mins

Season 2019

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About this Episode

In this episode of the DataCentric podcast, hosts Matt Kimball and Steve McDowell (both from Moor Insights & Strategy) go deep on Intel's DataCentric Innovation Day, where Intel formally launches its new Cascade Lake Xeons, while also opening the kimono on Intel Optane DC Persistent Memory. Optane promises to be disruptive to storage and how the industry thinks about in-memory compute. The OEMs community has been waiting for all of this, and there are a bunch of new products on the way.

What's all of this Intel news mean to AMD? Matt & Steve talk about it, along with some other recent news items from the storage world.

More critically, Matt contemplates trading in his Windows laptop for a Macbook, while Steve wonders if it's really OK to hope that his kid's team loses early in this weekend's tournamont (don't judge).

02:10 Intel’s DataCentric Innovation Day — Cascade Lake & Optane
09:25 Intel’s DataCentric Innovation Day — Optane Persistent Memory
24:20 Where Does AMD Fit in the New Cascade Lake/Optane World?
31:00 Excelero & Lenovo Data Systems
34:22 Pure Storage Acquires CompuVerde

36:00 Shoud Matt buy a Mac?
42:46 Twenty Years since Network Engines
46:17 IDC Converged Infrastructure Numbers are Out
48:42 Is it ok to root for you kid’s ball team to lose?