Episode 105

March 18 2019: Inside the latest Server & Storage Numbers + Recent DataCenter News


March 18th, 2019

41 mins 6 secs

Season 2019

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About this Episode

The latest server and storage market numbers are out, and there are some big winners. And some big losers. Matt & Steve go all "inside-baseball" and talk about what it all means. They also touch on recent news around NVIDIA's Mellanox acquisition, Intel's CXL consortium, and the momentum of the Chinese technology providers.

01:30 IDC Releases 4Q2018 Server Market Numbers
06:08 What's it mean for the HyperScalers?
10:10 What's happening with Huawei?
11:55 Lenovo Data Center team is on fire
14:14 Is there a real slow-down in the server market? Or are we waiting on new parts?
17:50 IDC Releases 4Q2018 Storage Market Numbers
21:30 Hitachi and Storage
23:30 Can you pick the storage market winner from Hardware sales numbers?
24:50 Where's Pure Storage?
26:20 How does Capacity-on-Demand factor into how we count storage & servers?
28:40 Units vs Revenue in the Storage Market
31:30 News: Intel CXL Consortium
35:00 News: NVIDIA buys Mellanox
37:40 Wrapping Up: Where are Steve & Matt spending the next few weeks?