Episode 229

Cloud-Native Data Protection, Commvault Style


November 17th, 2020

33 mins 23 secs

Season 2020

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About this Episode

It's KubeCon week, which means that we're all thinking about containers! Containers require a different way of thinking about persistent data, which deeply influences how data protection operates in a cloud-native world. It's really all about intelligent data management. And nobody understands intelligent data management quite like CommVault.

CommVault's Global VP of Sales Engineering Don Foster joins hosts Matt Kimball and Steve McDowell to talk about the intersection of data protection and container orchestration.

The guys touch on everything from how data protection for containers is differerent from more traditional architectures, to how you integrate containers into an end-to-end DP strategy, to cloud-native backup-as-a-service.

It's a great conversation for anyone charged with protecting data in an increasingly container-driven environment.