Episode 227

Architecting a Flexible & Resilient Data Center


November 8th, 2020

49 mins 12 secs

Season 2020

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About this Episode

The events of the past year have taught us a valuable lesson: unexpected change is going to happen, and that change requires IT organizations to quickly respond. Data centers built on a solid foundation of fast, flexible, secure, and resilient infrastructure are the ones poised to adapt and keep the business moving forward.

In this episode, Moor Insights & Strategy technology analyst Steve McDowell is joined by a group of storage infrastructure experts to talk about the fundamentals of a flexible cyber-resilient infrastructure.

AJ Casamento and Brian Larsen join from Broadcom, while Brian Sherman comes to us from IBM's Storage division.

The group talks about cyber-resilient architectures, autonomous infrastructure, and building a fast and flexible storage architecture to support it all.

Fibre Channel Gen 7, NVMe-over-FC, Intelligent Storage Systems, tiered storage, disaster recovery... it seems like the group hit on most of the topics that an IT practitioner needs to be aware of as we all look forward to a disruptive future.

This episode is sponsored by Broadcom.

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