Episode 131

NetApp talks about Cloud Native, Containers, & HCI


November 7th, 2019

36 mins 32 secs

Season 2019

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NetApp is about more than just about on-prem enterprise storage. They are changing with the industry as it embraces HCI, Cloud Native, and Kubernetes as part of the Data Fabric. This is critical to the company's strategy.

We had the chance to sit separately with NetApp's SVP & GM of Cloud Native (which includes its Kubernetes/Containers activity) Anthony Lye to talk about how NetApp and its enterprise customers view that space, as well as how they are evolving from an "on-prem first" storage player into a multi-cloud and cloud-native solution.

We also had a great conversation with NetApp's Chief HCI Architect Adam Carter at the show who talked about the philosophy behind NetApp's untraditional approach to HCI.

This one is a great listen, and we owe a serious debt of graditude to both Anthony and Adam for making the time at a busy event, as well as the entire NetApp A/R and PR team who made it all happen.

00:00 - 05:15 Matt & Steve hit on some recent news & travel, including Micron 3D XPoint and FujiFilm's IT Summit
05:15 - 24:00 NetApp HCI with Adam Carter, as well as Matt & Steve's post-interview discussion & thoughts
24:00 - 34:50 NetApp's Cloud Native and Container Strategy with NetApp GM and SVP Anthony Lye
34:50 - 36:32 Wrapping Up

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