Episode 130

ARM TechCon 2019 Wrap-Up with Patrick Kennedy from Serve The Home


October 14th, 2019

43 mins 40 secs

Season 2019

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About this Episode

As ARM TechCon 2019 wraps up in San Jose, hosts Steve McDowell and Matt Kimball from Moor Insights & Strategy are joined by Patrick Kennedy of Serve the Home in a wide-ranging discussion of the entire microprocessor market, and where ARM fits in.

Here's a general timeline for the discussion, though the topics overlap, so you owe it to yourself to listent to the entire thing.

00:00 Intros
02:20 Big Themes & Announcements from TechCon
03:50 Patrick's views of TechCon from a server, storage, and networking perspective
06:00 ARM at the Edge
10:30 ARM in the Server Market
14:05 ARM in the HPC and other Server-Adjacent Spaces
17:28 ARM in power and performance hungry applications
22:00 Does OpenPOWER and IBM's recent Open Sourcing moves matter?
24:10 Does heated AMD/Intel competition open the door for ARM to gain traction against those players?
27:17 What's Patrick Kennedy and Serve the Home looking forward to in 2020
32:20 Let's talk about Inspur & "Inspur-like" players
38:00 What's Serve the Home doing Differently in the review space?
41:00 Overarching takeaways

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