Episode 414

Exploring Edge Computing, with Stratus's Jason Andersen.


September 6th, 2022

50 mins 27 secs

Season 2022

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About this Episode

It's all about Edge Computing as hosts Matt Kimball and Steve McDowell, principal analysts at Moor Insights & Strategy, welcome Jason Andersen, VP of Strategy and Product Management at Stratus.

Jason brings Matt & Steve up-to-speed on what’s happening in the world of edge computing in a wide-ranging conversation about standards (or the lack of), the evolution of edge architectures, the fragmented edge market, the colliding worlds of IT & OT, and how Stratus helps its customers navigate through this confusing world.

There is a whole lot packed into this hour-long discussion, but it's invaluable for anyone working in edge today.

00:00 Kick-it Off
01:25 Catching up with Strategy: Product updates, SGH Acquisition
03:57 Pivoting from Fault-Tolerance to the Edge
08:48 It’s all about Resilience!
11:00 How edge is evolving
13:00 Fragmentation at the edge
16:21 Containerization & Cloud-Native at the edge
20:48 Simplifying the edge control-plane while delivering QoS
23:20 Revisiting 2 Different Worlds as IT & OT Converge
30:10 Security at the Edge
37:22 General attitudes impacting edge deployments
41:14 Where’s Stratus focused in the near-term?
45:14 Importance of the overall solution stack
50:11 Wrapping-Up
50:26 Done