Episode 410

The Changing Face of Cyber-Security


May 5th, 2022

25 mins 19 secs

Season 2022

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About this Episode

There is nothing more critical to IT administrators (and their bosses!) than cyber-security and data protection. Old methods of securing our infrastructure are no longer as effective as they once were. Instead, we're moving into an era of AI-based decisions about what data and traffic to let in, and keep out, of our networks.

Hillstone Networks is a strong innovator in this space. In this episode HIllstone's Tim Liu and Gary Wang join hosts Matt Kimball and Steve McDowell to help us understand the evolving nature of cyber-security.

00:00 Kick it off
00:20 Who is Hillstone?
01:06 Application-aware Security
02:37 Using AI and Machine Learning to enhance security
08:05 How has the treat landscape evolved over the past few years?
10:00 Protecting data in the cloud
13:30 Security Kubernetes & container-based workflows
13:58 Who are Hillstone's customers?
16:33 What's next for Hillstone & cyber-security in general?
23:00 Evolving threat landscape
24:54 Wrapping up
25:19 It's over!