Episode 315

Dell Technologies APEX & the as-a-service Market


August 4th, 2021

40 mins

Season 2021

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About this Episode

Dell Technologies entered the as-a-service market with full-force earlier this year when it unveiled its APEX portfolio of offerings.

Adam Glick, senior director of product marketing for Dell Technologies APEX, joins hosts Matt Kimball and Steve McDowell, senior technology analysts at Moor Insights & Strategy, to talk about the trends and drivers that makes as-a-service attractive to IT shops of every size.

Adam also helps us navigate Dell's APEX offerings, taking us through what's being offered, as well as some of the thinking behind the various services. For Dell, APEX is all out delivering the desired outcomes to IT practitioners, without having to worry so much about the technology.

Whether you're intestered in Dell APEX, or just want to get a better handle on what as-a-service means to IT, this episode has you covered.


00:00 Opening
02:30 What's motivating the increasing adoption of as-a-service?
04:09 Delivering a 'cloud-like' experience, where outcomes out-weigh technology.
07:10 What is Dell APEX?
07:55 Dell is Delivering Software and Services on a scale not seen from Dell before
15:38 APEX and Equinix
18:15 Is there strong vertical pull for APEX?
19:45 How does Edge fit into this model?
25:53 Partner-centric engagement
28:34 AI/ML and APEX
31:56 What's Dell's Long-Term Vision in this space?
37:37 What does As-a-Service really mean to IT?
40:00 Over-and-Out!