Episode 306

Professional Services for Modern Enterprise IT


March 8th, 2021

30 mins 18 secs

Season 2021

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Professional Services teams can bring tremendous value to an IT organization. A professional services engagement brings a trusted advisor into your organization, one who can bring targeted expertise to help increase both the momentum and success rates for digital transformation and IT modernization projects.

Joining hosts Matt Kimball and Steve McDowell, senior technology analysts at Moor Insights & Strategy, tare a couple of seasoned professional services experts. Tom Schroeder, vice president of professional services at Pure Storage, and Don McCullough, the senior product marketing manager for professional services at Pure Storage.

The Pure teams goes into detail of its "evaluate, activate, innovate" philosophy to help move digital transformation and IT modernization programs forward. This includes everything from strategy workshops, through project planning and scoping, all the way through projects such as legacy data migration.

Professional services isn't just about bringing more hands to help accelerate an IT projects. It's really about helping IT organizations understand where they're heading and why.

Don't miss this eye-opening conversation.

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