Episode 303

Inside Pure Storage's FlashBlade and FlashArray Announcements


February 16th, 2021

31 mins 48 secs

Season 2021

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About this Episode

Pure Storage, one of the original pioneers of all-flash storage, has released a slew of updates to the software behind both its FlashArray and FlashBlade products. In this episode of DataCentric, the gang goes into what's happening in storage today, before talking about how Pure's latest announcements move the ball foward, for Pure Storage and, more importantly, its customers.

Host Steve McDowell talks with Pure Storage vice presidents Amy Fowler and Scott Baker about what's happening in enterprise storage, and what's changing with Pure's latest release. Amy is Pure's vice president for strategy and solutions in Pure Storage's FlashBlade business, while Scott is the vice president of product marketing for Pure's FlashArray Portfolio.

There's big news for both FlashBlade and FlashArray.

The participants talk about why FlashBlade is a "Unified Fast File & Object" (UFFO) solution, and what makes it different from more traditional storage technologies. We talk about where FlashBlade fits, and why.

FlashArray has also received a bevy of updates, and Scott talks to us about where FlashArray plays best, where QLC makes sense, NVMe-over-fabric (including Pure's new support for NVMe-over-FC), and how Pure is thinking about the future of storage.