Episode 301

Data Center Predictions for 2021


January 18th, 2021

40 mins 54 secs

Season 2021

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About this Episode

It's a new year (2021!), which can only mean one thing: Predictions! Hosts Matt Kimball and Steve McDowell, both senior analysts at Moor Insights & Strategy, turn their datacentric focus to the future of the data center and the trends that will be most impactful in 2021.

00:00 Let's start
03:01 Arm-based processors in the cloud: where's it going? Does it impact Arm server adoption? Will there be Arm-based general purpose servers?
14:15 Forget about Arm, what about AMD? Will they hit 15% server share in 2021?
18:15 Intel has had a monopoly in the nascent 3D XPOINT (Intel Optane) business, despite co-inventing the technology with Micron. Does that change in 2021?
20:50 Nutanix gained new private equity backing in 2020, changing CEOs, and positioning itself for.... something... in 2021. One of our hosts think its an HPE acquistion.
25:31 How impactful will the various OEM's as-a-service offerings be in 2021? Let the boys tell you.
30:20 A contrary prediction about the future of Nvidia's quest to absorb Arm
35:37 In-person conferences will come roaring back. Or not.

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