Episode 209

Infrastructure Management & Deployment in a Quarantined World, with Pure Storage's Shawn Rosemarin


April 27th, 2020

34 mins 27 secs

Season 2020

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About this Episode

IT infrastructure needs maintenance, and, as we reconfigure for a remote workforce, it needs critical expansion. This is challenging in an environment where social distancing has become the norm.

What does it take to deploy, maintain, and grow infrastructure in this environment?

Pure Storage's VP of of World Wide Systems Engineering joins hosts Matt Kimball and Steve McDowell to talk about this, as well as what Pure is doing to help out.

The group talks about installation options, how infrastructure (and storage) as-a-service facilitates expansion, the role of remote managment and predictive analytics tools, as well as what it might all mean long-term.

A great conversation. Thank you to Shawn, and the gang at Pure Storage, for helping us put together a great podcast.

Episode Links

  • Pure Storage Remote Installation Options — Many of our customers are facing a new challenge during these unusual times. Physical access to facilities for third parties is not always possible, and in fact, may be limited by the facility owner. Meanwhile, the need for reliable data services is growing exponentially as more employees work remotely. Today we’re excited to introduce a simple and modern option to install and activate your FlashArray™ systems, even when it’s not possible to physically bring third parties onsite.
  • Pure Storage Expands Remote Installation to FlashBlade — We recently posted about how it’s not always possible to provide third parties with physical access to your facilities, especially now. Meanwhile, the need for reliable data services across block, file, and object storage is growing exponentially as more employees need remote access to data. In keeping our focus on what you need most right now, we’re introducing a new way to get you up and running — even when it’s not possible for our teams to physically work onsite in your facilities. Remote Installation Service for FlashBlade™ is now available from the Pure Storage® Customer Experience team.