Episode 206

Post-Earnings Enterprise Infrastructure Market, New ARM-based Ampere Server CPUs, & AMD Financial Day


March 9th, 2020

48 mins 29 secs

Season 2020

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Now that we've seen earnings from all of the tier-one infrastructure players, hosts Steve McDowell & Matt Kimball talk about what the flat-to-down quarter means to the overall enterprise infrastructure market. There are earnings from Dell Technologies, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Vmware, as well as other recent earnings announcements, that give us color.

The HCI space is also continuing its hot streak, with VSAN delivering $900M in bookings to Vmware, while Nutanix also continues to grow at a nearly 50% growth rate. But are they leaving room on the edge and in ROBO for more single-focused competitors like Scale Computing?

The ARM cloud market saw a major new introduction this past week with Ampere's announcement of it's 80-core server part targeting the hyperscale market, but was disappointingly sparse with benchmark numbers. Who wins & loses here? Matt & Steve talk about it.

Finally, on the backside of AMD financial analyst day we talk about AMD's continual and aggressive push in the server market, their giant win with HPE for a massive DOE supercomputing project, & everyone's push against Nvidia for enterprise AI.

It's a lot. Skip to your favorite sections:

01:42 Infrastructure Market
14:22 HCI Market
24:54 Ampere brings ARM into the Hyperscaled Data Center
34:40 AMD continues its surge forward. Should Intel be worried?
43:38 Matt & Steve's closing thoughts.
48:29 The End.

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