Episode 128

News Round-Up: RedHat Summit, Pure Accelerate, Dell's EPYC Server,


September 25th, 2019

44 mins 12 secs

Season 2019

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About this Episode

A catch-up podcast as Moor Insights & Strategy technology analysts Matt Kimball & Steve McDowell run through a very news-filled September. The guys recap Red Hat Summit, Pure Accelerate, and also hit product announcements from Dell EMC, IBM, and Huawei, bemoan the dwindling quality of conference SWAG, and more. Much, much, more:

Red Hat might be owned by IBM, but its about helping enterprises manage digital transformation, focused on where "opportunity and innovation intersect". Steve's a little dense on this topic, and Matt helps him understand what Red Hat's up to.

Pure Storage holds its annual conference in Austin, where they announce new products and supplement others. It's all about delivering a consistent data-driven expeirence to enteprises, and IT practitioners seem to be on-board. We also talk about partying back-stage with Weezer.

Beyond that, there are Optane-related storage announcements from Dell and Oracle, while Huawei releases the highest-capacity flash array in the world.

00:00 Start!
01:45 Red Hat Summit - Digital Tranformation!
14:40 Pure Accelerate (and Weezer!) - New QLC Flash Array, Optane Caching, Consumption-Based, Cloud Volumes!
26:20 Huawei Ships the Worlds Largest All Flash Storage Array
28:40 IBM Ships a Really Fast Storage Array for MainFrame
31:00 Dell updates its PowerMax storage with Optane persistent memory for both read & write.
35:40 Oracle also puts Optane in a storage box, if you want to buy an Oracle box.

36:30 Dell puts AMD's Epyc Rome CPU in a couple of new servers
42:25 Where are the guys focused over the next few weeks?