Episode 123

IBM Closes Red Hat Acquisition + Releases New Storage Offerings


July 10th, 2019

27 mins 27 secs

Season 2019

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It's been a big week for IBM. The company closed its acquisition of Red Hat, while also expanding its storage offerings.

We bring in IBM's Storage group CMO Eric Herzog to tell us all about the new storage offerings. For Eric, it's all about Applications, Workloads, and Use Cases, but with a strong focus on data protection and Big Data/AI. Keeping with that theme, IBM Storage releases a massive update to its Spectrum Discover tool for big data and AI, which now supports a broad swath of third-party storage solutions, while IBM Spectrum Protect Plus takes on new cloud capabilties. There's more, but you need to tune in and let Eric tell you all about it.

And did you know that IBM used to have a corporate song? Of course you did. Given the strong IBM slant on this podcast, we'll close out with a rendition that we snagged from IBM's corporate archive site.

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00:30 IBM Closes the Red Hat acquistion
07:10 IBM Releases new Storage Offerings
09:35 IBM Storage CMO Eric Herzog joins to talk about what IBM is releasing today
23:09 IIAR industry analyst awards
25:43 IBM's traditional corporate song: Ever Onward!