Episode 101

Dec 6 2018: Recapping Amazon re:Invent & HPE Discover


December 6th, 2018

36 mins 45 secs

Season 2018

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About this Episode

In this episode of the DataCentric podcast, hosts Matt and Steve discuss the large number of datacenter-impacting announcements at Amazon’s premier cloud event re:Invent, including news of Amazon deploying their custom-built ARM parts, bringing cloud on-prem, and more.

The team also recaps the highlights from HPE Discover in Madrid, where the focus was on edge computing, composable infrastructure and intelligent storage.

*Here are some links to explore, should you want to go deeper: *

We've done a lot of writing about this episode's topics. You can find a round-up of articles from Moor Insights & Strategy on Amazon re:Invent at the summary page here:

Matt also recently published a piece with nice backstory on ARM in the enterprise for Forbes:

Matt also talked about HPE Composable Infrastructure with the good folks over at datacentertechnology.com, while Steve talked to them about Amazon's new Glacier Deep Storage offering and it's potential impact on tape backup:


Steve recently published a white-paper describing HPE’s intelligent storage efforts gave an inteview about Amazon's new Glacier Deep Storage: